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History of CNB

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The County National Bank of Clearfield was founded by a group of citizens from Clearfield on February 5, 1865. The law authorizing the organization of national banks was passed during President Lincoln's administration and had been in effect for less than two years.

Years later, in March of 1933, President Roosevelt declared a "Bank Holiday," closing all national banks. Those banks in poor financial condition never reopened. County National, however, reorganized in February of 1934 by virtue of a stock offering to existing depositors. The bank was renamed "The County National Bank at Clearfield," and was capitalized with $225,000 of preferred capital stock, $225,000 in common stock and $90,000 in surplus. Also, County National Bank formed a Trust Department to serve the customer's trust and estate needs.  To simplify growth into additional market areas, the name was changed to "County National Bank" in 1965. 

Our Reorganization

In March of 1984, County National Bank reorganized and became a wholly owned subsidiary of CNB Financial Corporation. This arrangement allowed shareholders to expand the financial services beyond those the bank itself was permitted to offer under current regulations.

In October, 2005, a new bank named ERIEBANK was formed in Erie, Pennsylvania. Operating as a division of County National Bank, the new organization opened a Loan Production Office at 1001 State Street in downtown Erie.

On November 7, 2005, CNB Financial Corporation purchased the performing loans of Holiday Consumer Discount Company and formed the Holiday Financial Services Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of CNB Financial Corporation.  The corporation offers its customers both secured and unsecured consumer loans, sales finance products and associated credit insurance products.

County National Bank converted from a national banking charter to a state banking charter on December 29, 2006, officially changing its name to CNB Bank.

On October 11, 2013, CNB Financial Corporation acquired the eight branch bank, Farmers Citizens Bank, which is headquartered just north of Columbus in Bucyrus, Ohio.  Following the acquisition, FCBank, a division of CNB Bank was formed.

Our Current Focus

CNB Financial Corporation provides a full range of banking activities and services for individual, business, governmental and institutional customers through its wholly owned subsidiary, CNB Bank. Our 21 full-service offices and one loan production office operate as CNB Bank throughout northwestern PA, while seven full-service offices operate as ERIEBANK, a division of CNB Bank, in Erie, Harborcreek, Meadville, and Warren, PA, and eight full-service offices operate as FCBank, a division of CNB Bank in Central Ohio, just north of Columbus. Holiday Financial Services has grown to 12 offices centrally located in the CNB Bank and ERIEBANK market areas.

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