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Smart investing may help you secure a solid financial future, but where do you begin?

At CNB Bank, our investment management process starts with getting to know you. Once we understand your financial requirements and goals for the future, we’ll recommend an investment program to help you work toward your objectives. We’ll also help you understand the basics of investing and the importance of having realistic goals and expectations

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Whether planning for your own future, that of your family, or even future generations,  has developed a proven strategy to assist in meeting your goals.

At , we take a relationship-based approach when working with our clients.  While some advisors focus on investment products, we’re more focused on you and your situation.  We will develop a plan to help you work toward your goals, and adapt your plan as circumstances change.

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We believe that asset allocation and diversification are the key components for long-term investment success.  It is our belief that exposure to a wide mix of asset classes will result in a reduction in volatility while providing superior long-term results.  In this regard, our portfolios have targeted allocations within the equity category for domestic large cap, mid cap, small cap, real estate; developed international, emerging markets, and commodities.  Within the debt category we have targeted allocations for U.S. Treasury, U.S. Agency, investment grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds, inflation protected securities, certificates of deposit and international bonds.

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We offer investors a number of disciplined, highly diversified investment strategies:

Mutual Fund Based Strategy: Eight asset allocation models distinguished by style (conservative to aggressive).  Assets are invested in a combination of mutual funds diversified across various market segments designed to capture a specific risk/return profile that is suitable for a client’s investment needs.  Rebalancing occurs periodically to keep allocations within model guidelines.

Investment Management Strategy: A diversified allocation strategy that may include a combination of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF’s.  Allocation is based on a client’s risk tolerance, goals, and time horizon.  The use of individual fixed income securities provides enhanced interest risk management and we derive higher tax efficiency by controlling capital gains within equities.

Fixed Income Strategy:  Most suitable for clients seeking preservation of principal and a steady income stream.  May include allocations to U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Agency bonds, investment grade corporate bonds and certificates of deposit.  Will generally “ladder” the bonds with various maturities in order to manage interest rate risk, duration and income needs of the client.  Consideration will also be given regarding the purchase of municipal bonds for investors who would benefit from holding “tax advantages” securities.

Third Party Strategies:  If appropriate, can assist clients in meeting their investment objectives by leveraging our relationship with third parties in order to provide investment opportunities that work in conjunction with our strategies, in a cost efficient manner.

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Once we assess your risk tolerance, develop long-term goals, and an investment solution is selected, your investment plan is implemented. 

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We’ll actively monitor the status of your investments and make allocation adjustments as needed.  We will also provide detailed performance evaluations and discuss the progress being made in meeting your objectives and goals.


We are sensitive to costs and believe in full disclosure.

We feel our greatest strength is having the independence to choose the very best investment providers in the industry. By using non-proprietary mutual funds we are able to use investments being selected by some of the best asset managers in the world.

Emotions & Risks

We believe panic, overconfidence, and taking unnecessary risks ruin long-term investment success.

The prudent way to invest? Set up a long-term plan, decide on an appropriate mix of stocks, bonds, and cash investments matched to your time frame, objectives and tolerance for risk.

Fiduciary Duty

We invest in our client's money as if it were our own.

As a chartered bank and approved fiduciary, CNB Bank is required by law to put our clients' interests ahead of our own. We do this by having a disciplined investment process in place that focuses on stability, consistency and superior performance over the long-term.


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