Financial Stress Test

Answering yes to any of the following questions could mean you are having credit trouble.

Are payments to creditors taking up more and more of your monthly income? Yes No
Have you lost track of how much money you spend each month on debt? Yes No
Are you at, or over, the limit on any of your lines of credit? Yes No
Do you have to decide which bills to pay each month and which to put off until the following month? Yes No
Do you pay late penalties often or every month? Yes No
Do you make only the minimum payment month after month or skip payments? Yes No
Do you find yourself borrowing from one card to pay another? Yes No
Do you frequently use cash advances from credit cards? Yes No
Do you write post-dated checks? Yes No
Do you charge small expenses because you do not have the cash to pay for them? Yes No
Do you use your savings to pay current bills and everyday expenses? Yes No
Has your credit card been declined or have you been turned down for additional credit? Yes No
Have you been putting off medical and dental visits, car repairs, or other maintenance because you don’t have the cash to pay for it? Yes No
Are creditors starting to contact you for payment? Yes No
Have you lost track of how much you owe? Yes No
Do you worry a lot about money? Yes No

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